5 Tips To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet

Is there a stain on your expensive carpet? Want to get rid of the dog’s urine stain on the carpet? For this, you can try out these effective tips for carpet cleaning. So, all that you need to do is to follow these tips to Clean Dog Urine From Carpet with perfection

Dog Urine From Carpet

1. Vacuum clean it

If you’re having pets such as a dog then seeing stains is a common thing. Your carpet will get stained if there are pets because of their pee, pet dander, and many other things. What will you do if there is a dog’s urine stain on your costly carpet? The first thing that you should do to remove the stain and clean the carpet is to use a vacuum cleaner. This will also remove the excess spills of anything such as the dog’s urine. Vacuum cleaning is the initial step of carpet cleaning which is also helpful for removing a dog’s urine.

2. Try using white vinegar and water

Want a local carpet cleaner near me? Don’t know how to do it? One of the tips that can help you to remove the stain of a dog’s urine is the usage of white vinegar and water. You need to try this for carpet cleaning if there’s a pet at your home. white vinegar is the go-to household item that can be seen in any kitchen. To get rid of the dog’s urine stains, you just need to mix the water and white vinegar in an equal ratio. Now, pour this mix on the stained area, leave for some time and then rub using a paper towel.

3. Do spot cleaning

This is one of the effective ways to use carpet cleaning services so you must try it out. If you are seeing a dog’s urine, do not waste time and try to prevent the spread of the stain. For this, you will have to do spot cleaning. In this, you need to use a paper towel to dab on the stained area. After this, use another paper towel to absorb the excess urine. So, this tip is effective and crucial if you want to prevent the spread of the dog’s urine stain. 

4. Apply baking soda

Another crucial tip that is useful for the removal of a dog’s urine from the carpet is the application of baking soda. So, this effective way will help to lighten the stained area to a great extent. 

5. Avoid pet stain removers.

These might seem useful to you but actually, they are not. These stain removers contain harmful chemicals and bleach that will impact the color and softness of the carpet. Always use a remover that consists of mild cleaners and causes no impact on the carpets.


Foul smell and stains of dog’s urine can look bad on the carpets. If you want to get rid of these sorts of stains, try these above mentioned tips. So, these are helpful for removal of Clean Dog Urine From Carpet. Book your booking today and get the best services.