How To Remove Tough Stains From Your Carpet?

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Oops! Whether coffee stains, wine spills, pets and kids urine are not supposed to get on carpet, but it always does. Surely you try your best to avoid these from happening, but the best is to know how to deal with the stains. Most experts in carpet cleaning Wollongong also suggest giving attention to the spills as soon as possible to avoid permanent marks. However, sometimes it is not in your hand, and you forget to clean it immediately. In this case calling professionals is always a good option to ensure the safety and longevity of your carpet. But you can also try your hands and removing the tough stains from the carpet by following some easy tips.

The Trick To Remove Tough Stains:

You must be thinking carpet stains are easy to clean and go away soon, but in contrast, it is not so. Let us see some of the tricks to remove stains:

  1. Spot Cleaning

Make sure you deal with the stains immediately on the spot. As tough stains will secure to your carpet over time and later dealing with them will be difficult. Let us see methods to deal with them:

Remove Physical Debris:

Remove physical debris with a spoon or fork but be careful while doing and don’t apply much pressure. 

Blot Area And Use Stain Remover:

Use only white paper or cloth to soak as much liquid as possible. Remember not to scrub and press hard; instead, apply gentle pressure.

Next, use a stain remover to clean the stain. However, it is not an easy task to deal with stains in many cases, and you need a professional carpet cleaning in Wollongong service.

  1. Choose Cleaning Ways According To The Stains

Two types of stains are generally on carpets.

Water-Soluble Stains: like ink, milk, mud easily dissolve in water. Therefore, these stains are usually easy to clean if you give quick attention.

Non-Water Soluble Stains: are wine, blood, and coffee, pet’s stains that don’t dissolve in water. The best way to deal with stains is to call the carpet cleaning in Wollongong company to deal with any types of stains.

  1. Try Cleaning The Entire Carpet

You are lucky when the spot cleaning for tough stains work. However, in most cases, the stain persists, then try cleaning the entire carpet with hot water and carpet cleaner solution.

  1. Take Professional Assistance

Now, you have tried above all tricks, but still, you struggle with stubborn stains. It is time you call for a professional as some stains will only go with industrial equipment.


Removing tough stains is not child play! So even though you don’t have any mishaps, it is recommended that you clean the carpet once a year professionally. You can search for carpet cleaning near me if you need any sort of help from them.